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The 15 Minute Cleaning

A new family was in our office for their initial examination and dental cleaning recently. I had pulled the mother aside to discuss my findings regarding one of her boys. By the end of our conversation, I noticed that she had been taken back by what I thought was the news that she was receiving. When I FINALLY gave her a chance to comment, her first words were something with which we have grown quite familiar. She said how refreshing it was to have been given such a thorough examination and professional cleaning as opposed to the ‘quick look and 15 minute cleaning’ that had been the custom at their previous dentist’s office.

Many dental practices use their hygienists and the entire hygiene department as a ‘loss leader’. This means that you pay very little, or nothing at all, for your cleaning and exam just to get you in the door. The doctor then spends the examination time inventing new ways to separate you from your hard-earned dollars. We have never, nor will we ever, look at your cleaning this way. Your periodontal (gum) health is just as important to us as your teeth. Our dental hygienists and hygiene assistants are just as important to your overall treatment as Dr. Dunn and I. They take pride in their occupations because they know how important their job truly is. Whether you come into our office as a new patient or a well-seasoned veteran, you can expect the same over-the-top level of care that we have been providing for over 40 years. We guarantee it or your money back.

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