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Dental Tooth Bonding You Can Trust

Dental Tooth Bonding in West Chester, PA

Does tooth bonding hurt? How long does tooth bonding last? Many individuals who’ve heard about the process of tooth bonding have multiple questions about the process. At Chester County Family Dentistry, we’re as dedicated to answering your questions as we are to providing safe, advanced, and superior dental services.

During the process of dental bonding, Dr. David Montgomery and Dr. Ryan Dunn apply a special resin (plastic) to replace worn or damaged areas of the teeth. This plastic builds up the areas where damage or wear has occurred. Our CCFD patients are pleased with the look and feel of dental bonding. The resin is purposely designed to resemble and blend in with your natural teeth.

To gain further insight into the dental bonding process, take a look at the following common questions and answers regarding the procedure.

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Tooth Bonding FAQs

When Is Bonding Used?

Tooth Bonding West Chester, PA

Patients decide to bond teeth based on either medical or cosmetic reasons (or, sometimes, both). Candidates seeking tooth bonding may exhibit:

Once one tooth is damaged, it is at risk of affecting the remaining teeth. The jawbone, too, can be adversely impacted by damaged or shifting teeth. These cases can lead to jawbone deterioration.

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How Long Does Tooth Bonding Take?

Bonding teeth is a fairly quick process. One tooth is usually finished within a single 40- to 60-minute visit to the dentist. If, however, multiple teeth need to be bonded, the process may take more than one visit.

The first step is to determine the shade of bonding that blends best with your natural tooth color. After the correct color is selected, the dentist will need to modify the surface of the affected tooth or teeth. Then a conditioning liquid will be applied. Both of these actions ensure an optimal adhesion of the bonding material to your teeth.

Once the bonding material is applied and shaped to the teeth properly, a strong visible light is used to harden the resin into place. If the hardened bonding does not need any further trimming or shaping, the dentist will finish up by smoothing out the surface to add to the natural look.

How Long Does Tooth Bonding Last?

Similar to other dental procedures, the longevity and durability of tooth bonding vary. For best results, dental-bonding recipients should take care of their teeth according to the recommended brushing and flossing guidelines.

Provided that patients take proper care of their teeth and gums, dental bonding can last between five and 10 years. In addition to maintaining optimal oral hygiene habits, patients who have undergone dental bonding should avoid:

Something else to be aware of is the appearance of the bonding. Anything that might stain your natural teeth can also affect the color of the bonding plastic. It’s best to limit the intake of coffee, tea, wine, and/or tobacco.

Who Should Perform Tooth Bonding?

Carefully matching your tooth color and producing the proper bonding shape requires the expertise of a dental professional. Tooth bonding at home shouldn’t be attempted. With a proper bonding job, such as what Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Dunn provide, nobody should be able to see any difference between your natural teeth and the bonded areas.

The process requires a specialist in cosmetic dentistry to perform teeth bonding for gaps, chips, and other damage affecting the teeth. Bonding is also excellent for replacing old fillings, covering grooves, and even reducing sensitivity at the gum line due to gum recession.

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Chester County Family Dentistry is dedicated to providing safe, comfortable, and innovative approaches in dentistry. Our dentists understand the intricacies of repairing and cosmetically enhancing teeth in the most natural looking way possible. Our CCFD team is proud to share bonding teeth before and after images, as well as answer any additional questions you may have regarding the procedure.

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