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"Root Cause" on Netflix is a must-see!

If you have not seen Root Cause on Netflix, be sure to take the time to do so. I know that most dentists will cringe at about 95% of what is said in this “documentary” but I think it opens up a good conversation with patients about the safety and efficacy of how root canals and extractions are done. I encourage you to search for it on Netflix and then email me if you have any questions or comments. We had an emergency patient in on Saturday that believed everything that was said in this short film. It was funded by a group of Holistic Dentists and is very well produced and entertaining. Unfortunately, it propagates many myths about our profession and it uses scare tactics to drive potential patients to see a holistic dentist that uses unproven methods to “cleanse” an extraction site or a part of the mouth using ozone. They fail to reveal that this is still yet to be accepted by the FDA so it is illegal to do this in the United States. That aside, there are a few things that are said that are correct. Cone Bean images are becoming a standard of care and we will soon be routinely using them to view teeth in three dimensions. They use a significantly larger amount of radiation than our current digital images but are far more diagnostic. Again, please email me or call if you have any concerns after you watch this alarmist’s view of the current state of dentistry. Have an open mind and a sense of humor about its content like we did.

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