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A Retirement Farewell from Jackie…

Here is a personal message from Jackie on her recent retirement…

“Well, December 29th has come and I am gone. I informed Dr Dave and Dr Ryan of my decision in July of my plan for a December retirement , so I might have the opportunity to say goodbye to each and every one of you personally. I figured within your 6 month continuing care visits I would have a chance to see many of you! There are so many of you that have shared your life and family’s journey with me and for that I am forever grateful. After being with our dental team for 45 years I have met so many wonderful people and had the privilege of caring for you and your families. I’m up to 4 generations of family members coming to our practice, WOW so much fun watching family’s grow. When deciding about retirement my head and heart knew what I would miss the most was our patients, you hold a very special place in my heart. I’ll still get to see our team members, heck two of them are in my family :) But since I’ve moved to Maryland I won’t happen to run into you at a grocery store or out and about in town. A difficult decision for me but I’m so happy I leave you with an awesome dental team to carry on your excellent care!! I have loved my life with our practice and loved you as well. God Bless you all and here’s to a healthy, happy journey through life. All My Best!!”

Love, Jackie Olson EFDA (Expanded Functions Dental Assistant)

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