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X-rays without the Radiation!

Earlier this month, I attended a continuing education course taught by one of the top dental clinicians/lectures in the country (if not the world). His name is Gordon Christensen and if you Google him, you will see what I mean. I have attended many of his lectures over the past 25 years. He will occasionally ask everyone to raise their hands if they are using some new form of technology and have the dentists, or their team members, give their personal experiences with that particular device or material. This time he asked about a device called “CariVu”. It is an tooth trans-illuminating camera that uses near infrared light to look between teeth for dark areas that absorb light (signifying decay) and then it allows us to take photos of them to show the patient. There were only about 7 out of 200 of us who had this device. Dr. Ryan and I purchased ours at the most recent American Dental Association meeting in Washington, D.C. last November. Everyone who had one spoke very highly of them. We feel that it has allowed us to not only view between the teeth without the use of x-ray radiation, it also lets us confirm or deny a lesion or potential cavity between the teeth before we ever pick up a drill! What an advantage this is over every other dentist that only have their eyes, explorers (dental picks) and x-rays. Now, there is no substitute for the use of radiographs but we now have the ability to “see” between your teeth on those visits when you are not due for x-rays and it allows us to confirm a diagnosis made by our other tried and true methods. The next time you are in the office, ask us for a demo!

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