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Three Key Points to Keep in Mind When Searching for Dental Implants Near Me

Three Key Points to Keep in Mind When Searching for Dental Implants Near Me

Dental Implants Near Me

When people search for dental implants near me, it’s likely because they are looking for a long-term solution for missing teeth. While dental implants are certainly a safe, effective, and long-lasting option for replacement teeth, do you fully understand how the process works? Or why it’s important to choose a professional, highly-experienced dentist to perform the dental implant procedure?

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, you’re not alone!

At Chester County Family Dentistry, we want you to feel confident, secure, and excited when moving forward with dental implants. That’s why we have prepared this three-part guide to better inform and prepare you for what to look for during your search for dental implants in West Chester, and how the dental implant procedure works!

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Dental Implants Near Me: Steps One, Two, and Three

At CCFD we provide our patients with affordable dental implants that offer beautiful, lasting results. And, in our ongoing commitment to personalized, patient-centered care we make sure that all dental services are supported with education and resources.

Dental implant procedures offer many benefits—including restoring the function and appearance of your smile—but they also require an investment of your time.

To help you in your decision to move forward with dental implants and learn more about the procedure, take a look at the following three steps:

  • Implant Placement

    If you are in need of a replacement tooth or teeth, Dr. David Montgommery or Dr. David Dunn will help you decide on the perfect type of dental implant to meet your specific needs. Then, we will help you schedule the first step of the process: implant placement. During this appointment, a titanium implant will be surgically anchored into your jawbone.

    If the integrity of your jawbone has been compromised, your dentist may need to incorporate a bone graft (this process may add time to the process and happens prior to implant placement).

  • Implant Healing

    Before the replacement tooth or teeth can be placed, the dental implant must be firmly rooted into the jawbone (with sufficient time to heal). This process can take several months. In some cases, your dentist may place a temporary crown until it’s time to place the permanent replacement.

  • Crown or Bridge Placement

    Depending on your individual needs, your dentist will secure a single-tooth or multiple-tooth replacement to the dental implant once it has fully healed. A single-tooth replacement is called a crown. Multiple-tooth replacement options include several crowns, or, an implant-supported bridge.

    These replacements are designed to match your natural teeth.

Ask the Experts

Additional Information to Consider

Again, dental implants offer multiple benefits. They last for years, often decades when properly cared for. To ensure the beauty and function of your new teeth, it’s vital to practice appropriate dental care. The care of your dental implant tooth replacements is as important as your natural teeth. Our CCFD dental experts will provide you with proper care instructions and guidelines to ensure that you maintain optimum oral health and guard against gum disease.

Because of the intricacies of dental implant procedures, you can likely see why it’s essential to consult with a highly-skilled and practiced dentist. Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Dunn have combined decades of education and experience in general and cosmetic dentistry—both routinely performing dental implant procedures.

Whether you or someone you care for is seeking a dental implant or implants for missing teeth, we hope you consider CCFD in your quest in finding the best dental implant specialist near me.

In addition to dental procedures such as dental implants, checkups and cleanings, we offer a variety of additional services such as teeth whitening, mercury-free dentistry, laser dentistry, and more.

To get started on your way to a healthy and new smile, schedule an appointment now. Or, if you have any questions, call one of our friendly, professional CCFD team members today.
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