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Comfort and Education

Our Mission to Increase Comfort at the Dentist in West Chester, PA

Comfort and Education to Reduce Pain Anxiety at the Dentist in West Chester, PA

The fact that some people are afraid of the dentist isn’t breaking news. But did you know that according to studies, 36% of people suffer from dental fear? Despite the dental problems that can arise and intensify by avoiding the dentist, some individuals remain steadfastly as far away from the dental chair as possible.

At Chester County Family Dentistry we make comfort and education a priority. Our goal is that by the time you leave our office, your fears have been diminished if not completely removed! Both Dr. David Montgomery and Dr. Ryan Dunn have decades of combined dental education and experience. Together, along with the entire CCFD family, we work collaboratively to provide the highest quality dental services, safety protocols, and comfort.

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Five Reasons People Experience Dental Anxiety

There is much more to dental anxiety than simply a generalized fear. According to studies, there are several factors that can contribute to dental anxiety. Take a look:

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How CCFD Addresses these Concerns with their West Chester, PA Patients

No matter what has you fearful of visiting the dentist, CCFD offers several dental anxiety treatment options to help maximize patient comfort. These include:

We encourage our patients to always speak up when it comes to their safety, comfort, and concerns! Sometimes simply sharing your fears with Dr. Montgomery, Dr. Dunn, or one of our friendly and experienced hygienists can help assuage worries. We strive to devise personalized solutions for each and every patient to get the most out of a dental visit.

If you’re ready to face your fears and experience a gentle dental procedure from seasoned experts, schedule an appointment now. Or, give us a call any time to set up a tour or ask questions about any of our dental services!

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