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Teeth Whitening in 19341

Exton Cosmetic Dentistry for Patients in 19341

Studies have shown that for a large percentage of people, the one physical aspect they would change about themselves is their smile. For some, the issue is crooked teeth, which can be remedied through various orthodontic treatments and procedures. For others, perhaps missing teeth or gaps are the culprit and those issues are normally addressed with bridges or dental implants. But for those looking to simply achieve a whiter shade on their pearly whites, the answer is the teeth whitening in 19341. That’s right…your local Exton area dentist, Chester County Family Dentistry, offers 3 levels of premier tooth whitening options.

West Chester, PA Dental Assistant in West Chester, PA Teeth can become easily stained over years of use, especially for those who eat and drink certain items that consistently leave teeth discolored. For example, if you drink a lot of coffee, you may find your teeth browning over time. Tobacco users and wine drinkers will also notice this trend. Of course, the staining is worsened in cases where the individual does not practice proper hygiene. But tooth discoloration in general is not usually an issue of poor hygiene and should not be a matter of embarrassment for anyone. It is simply a common fact of life that can be easily addressed if you have a great dentist to perform quality treatments for teeth whitening in 19341.

Depending on your need, you may opt for a single, quick whitening treatment, which we call an Opalescence Boost. For those who want a more extensive treatment and more long term results, we also offer gel trays with custom teeth molds and patient-specific levels of Carbamide Peroxide. Lastly, for those who still want the benefits of tooth whitening, but have a strict budget, we offer Opalescence Treswhite Supreme, which is a more effective alternative to store bought products. Whatever level of service you choose, it is always best to have the oversight of an experienced dental staff when going through the tooth whitening process. You’ll want to ensure that you do it in a safe and effective manner that will provide you with great results for the longest possible time period.

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