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Best Dental Implants In West Chester

The History Surrounding The Best Dental Implants In West Chester

Dental Office Autoclave Sterilizer Equipment in West Chester, PA It might seem boring to think about the history of teeth and how they’ve been taken care of throughout the centuries of human life.

We’ve always had them in our mouths, so why spend time looking back instead of forward?

History has the ability to teach us so many things; even when it involves something we take for granted like our teeth. It took the life’s work of many men and women to bring us the advances we benefit from today. Without a connection to history, you would never have been offered the best dental implants in West Chester. History can also be much more gripping than we might originally imagine.

Some of the earliest archaeological evidence of dental improvement date back to Egypt in 2500 BC, when gold ligature wire was used to stabilize teeth that had fallen out. The first actual implants are attributed to the Mayans in 600 AD when they used pieces of shells to replace missing teeth.

Fast forward to the period between the 1600’s and 1800’s, dental implants were often extracted teeth from the poor or deceased, which were then transplanted into the mouths of wealthy patients. There were even extractions from deceased soldiers so that the implants were nicknamed after specific battles (ex: “Waterloo Teeth” from the Battle of Waterloo in 1815).

In American History, some of the most famous dental stories come from our first president, George Washington, and his dentist, John Greenwood. A far cry from the best dental implants in West Chester today, John Greenwood would use walrus ivory and silver from the mines of South America (among other materials) to provide his patients with the most state of the art implants of the day. It is said that President Washington carried the history of the world around with him in his mouth.

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Today’s Best Dental Implants In West Chester

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Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about such “colorful” materials when considering the best dental implants in West Chester. We have come a long way in the dental profession, and you can trust that a West Chester dentist will be using titanium, zirconium, or even ceramic material to provide you with lasting implant options.

If you’re interested in getting the best dental implants in West Chester or benefitting from other dental specialties of West Chester, give Chester County Family Dentistry a call to set up an appointment.

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