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Local Dentists Downington PA Residents Love Tell All About Fluoride

Certified Dental Assistant with Dentist Dr. Ryan in West Chester, PA Fluoride, a naturally occurring element found in the earth’s crust, has shown to prevent dental caries in teeth, especially children whose teeth are currently developing.

As some of the best dentists Downington PA offers, Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Dunn at Chester County Family Dentistry want you to know about the role of fluoride in your dental routine.

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What does fluoride do for the teeth?

When mouth bacteria combines with sugars it produces an acid that erodes tooth enamel and damages the teeth. This enamel is composed of mineral crystals, which are important for the health of your teeth. The damage that occurs is actually your teeth losing the minerals that make up the enamel. This is called demineralization.

West Chester, PA Exterior Photo Restoration for teeth consists of adding these minerals back into the body’s system allowing the teeth to once again gain minerals, also known as remineralization.

The most common mineral used for remineralization is fluoride. Fluoride in the bloodstream becomes a part of the developing teeth in children, further strengthening the enamel. It also becomes a strengthening agent in the saliva, producing a shield to the naturally occurring acids from bacteria and food.

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How is fluoride available?

Fluoride is available through a variety of methods.

Find out more information about strengthening your teeth from one of the best dentists Downington PA offers, Chester County Family Dentistry. Schedule your appointment to receive our laser-cavity diagnosis and start your fluoride treatments today.
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