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10 Tips for Your Toddler’s 1st Visit to the Best Dental Office West Goshen PA Offers

Dental Office West Goshen, PA Your toddler’s first dental exam needn’t be fraught with tears and fears. With these ten tips, your little one will breeze through her first visit to the dental office West Goshen PA parents love.

Get Started

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Use positive language

    Build up to the visit with positive comments about what “big kids” do at the dentist. Talk about having clean teeth and how the doctors at your dental office in West Goshen PA will be so happy to see how healthy your child’s teeth are. Avoid phrases such as “it won’t hurt.” Keep it all positive.

  2. Prepare

    Describe your West Goshen PA dental office to your child, from the check-in process to the big chair in the exam room. Give your child a good idea of what the visit will be like. Some parents like to read children’s books about dental visits to their children in preparation for the first appointment. Ask the staff at your dental office in West Goshen Pa for recommended titles, if you need suggestions.

  3. Model it for your child

    Take your child along to your own dental exam at your West Goshen PA dental office. Just make sure you won’t have any drilling, needles, or other potentially scary treatments during the visit!

  4. Start at home

    Prepare your child for the exam by practicing good oral hygiene at home, starting at an early age, with regular brushing. Use a soft kid-sized brush and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

  5. Schedule the visit at an ideal time

    Choose a time of day when your child is typically well-rested and happy.

  6. Stay with your child

    Your dentist West Goshen PA will be happy for you to remain in the exam room with your child. Some parents even choose to sit in the exam chair and hold their child on their lap. This can help set the child at ease and calm any wiggles.

  7. Make it fun

    Introduce the tooth fairy and offer a reward for a good visit.

  8. Bring a lovey

    Your child may feel more at ease with a familiar toy along for the exam. Bring your child’s lovey or other comfort item to bring in the exam room with him.

  9. Arrive early

    Give your child time to get comfortable in his surroundings by arriving for the appointment a little early.

  10. Know when to quit

    If the visit isn’t going well, sometimes the best thing to do is end it early. It is perfectly fine to stop the exam and wait until your child is a little older. These first visits are more about getting familiar and comfortable than anything else. A positive experience is most important.

At Chester County Family Dentistry, we love children. We are committed to supporting the oral health needs of your little one in the dental office West Goshen PA residents trust. Contact us today to schedule your toddler’s first visit!
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