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West Chester’s Best Dentist Offers Back-to-School Dental Tips!

West Chester’s Best Dentist Offers Back-to-School Dental Tips!

Back to school? Didn’t summer just begin? If these sentiments sound familiar, it’s because many people feel like they have lost all sense of time and space during this tumultuous year. And, yes, while we are still in the midst of summer, the back-to-school season will be here before you know it! Before the hustle and bustle of shopping for school supplies and the new schedule is the perfect time to turn to the expertise of West Chester’s Best Dentist.

And here’s why …

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Five Back-to-School Dental Tips From the CCFD Dental Team

At Chester County Family Dentistry, Dr. David Montgomery and Dr. Ryan Dunn have years of experience in not only providing the best dental care in West Chester, but also providing the best dental care tips for local families.

Both Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Dunn participate in continuing education to ensure they are up to speed on the latest approaches in dentistry. Their extensive knowledge and commitment to patient health, safety, and education help make Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Dunn the top dentists in Chester County. Below, check out their tips on how to keep teeth, gums, and oral health in great shape for another school year!

  • Schedule a Checkup

    Although you probably don’t need a reminder of how hectic schedules can get once school has started, we’ll provide you with one anyway! Many of our CCFD families feel relieved when they book appointments for the entire family toward the end of summer. This way, everyone gets their oral health checked and in tip-top shape and no one has to worry about another check-up until spring!

  • De-Plaque From Snacks

    Summer always seems to serve as prime snacking time. Chips, dips, pies, and fries are often found by the pool, on a quick road trip grab-and-go treat, or during a good Netflix binge.

    As satiating as they appear, starchy and sugary foods cause harmful bacteria build-up. Eventually, plaque buildup can lead to cavities, swollen gums, and other dental problems. You should try to gradually ditch the unhealthy foods in favor of healthier options. Will combinations like hummus and carrots or apples and peanut butter be your family’s new summer fav?

  • Favor More Fresh Foods

    Instead of packaged and fast-foods, begin to integrate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your family’s meals and snacks. Did you know that crunchy fruits and vegetables actually help clean teeth, while adding helpful vitamins and hydration to your family’s diet?

  • Drink Water (and More Water)!

    You’ve likely heard about the benefits of drinking water to help ensure hydration, improve energy levels, and boost overall health. But, did you know that drinking water also boosts and maintains better oral health outcomes? While soda and juice only feed plaque-producing bacteria, water cleanses the mouth. Water does this by rinsing away leftover foods and triggering saliva production. This protects the mouth from becoming dry, which increases the risk of tooth decay.

  • Think Ahead to Activities

    As summer closes, school begins, and sports typically resume in the fall, it’s important to think ahead to the protective gear your children may need. Mouthguards are proven to reduce sports-related injuries, keeping teeth, gums, and the entire mouth safe from unforeseen impacts, falls, and collisions.

For added protection during contact sports, make sure to keep a dental emergency kit in the car. Include your dentist’s info, gauze, a small sealed container, and pain reliever.

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More Ways Your Dental Practice can Help You and Your Family

As you can likely see, CCFD is big on helping families to find more ways to achieve optimum oral health. As the go-to family dentists in West Chester, PA, it’s our honor and privilege to provide dental-related tips and strategies for everyone in your family.

If you would like to learn more about our dental procedures and services, we would love to start a conversation with you! Call us any time. Or, schedule a consultation now.
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