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Happy Retirement Krystal

Happy Retirement Krystal

Well, it’s official. Krystal marked her 65th birthday on March 14th in grand fashion by retiring from our dental practice after 40 years of smiles. This momentous occasion even brought Dr. Don Schubert back to West Chester to wish his best to Krys…and get his teeth cleaned in the process, of course. (Our Founding Father, Dr. Don, was never one to let any amount of time go by unproductively.)

There were some tears, plenty of smiles and a few last minute instructions to each of us as she filled out her time card one last time. The next morning, we arrived at the office to find an encouraging sign newly placed on the door to our office reminding all of us to, “Stay Calm, Carry On.” Words that we will put into practice each day as we move forward without “The Queen” as we affectionately call her.

The party really began later in the week as we rented a house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware so that we could send Krys into retirement in style. It wasn’t exactly like “Jersey Shore” but a few events could have possibly made it into the show. The long weekend was highlighted by a semi-formal dinner next to the waves at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel’s ball room. All three of Krystal’s sisters and their spouses were able to attend and were able to get a real taste of some of the people she has had to deal with for the 2/3rds of her life! One thing is for certain, we all had a night to remember for a lifetime. What will she do now that she is a woman of leisure? She’ll probably tell you that she will hang around West Chester for a little while but eventually settle down there at the beach where two of her sisters currently reside. She will soak in the sun, take walks on the beach with the dogs and smile contentedly knowing that she was a major reason why our dental office is one of Chester County’s finest. Words cannot adequately express how we feel about you, Krystal. Who loves ya? We do.

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