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Seven Questions Answered Regarding West Chester Family Dental Solutions

Seven Questions Answered Regarding West Chester Family Dental Solutions

7 Dental FAQs

You likely have a number of important questions when looking for a new dental home. Is a dentist able to provide dental services for the entire family? What about his or her experience and educational background? Sometimes convenience and flexibility are important considerations. These are a few of the questions and criteria prospective patients have when searching for a West Chester family dental practice.

Answering questions for our new and existing patients is one of our many priorities at Chester County Family Dentistry. We’re also dedicated to safety, comfort, and reliability while providing a friendly experience and a variety of dental services.

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Seven Questions to Help You Choose Your Chester County Dentistry

Whether patients live in West Chester, Downington, Exton, or another area in Chester County, they want to make sure the dental care they choose has the services and requirements they’re looking for. Although the needs of dental patients vary, there are often several commonalities. These similarities typically coincide with frequently asked questions, which we’ll discuss below.

Take a look at seven things patients want to know about CCFD services, specialties, appointment options and more:

  • How Many Dentists are on Staff at CCFD?

    CCFD is proud and privileged to have two dentists in-house, both of whom have extensive educational backgrounds and experience. Dr. David Montgomery and Dr. Ryan Dunn have combined decades in providing innovative, advanced approaches in dentistry. As Chester County residents themselves, both of our dentists have strong ties within the local community.

  • Can CCFD Treat Small Children?

    Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Dunn provide dental options for children of all ages. Our dental office provides a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment to make children feel at ease. Parents can also take advantage of educational multimedia and materials to encourage the best dental hygiene habits and routines for all ages and stages.

  • Does CCFD Offer Flexibility in Scheduling Appointments?

    We offer morning dental visits as early as 7:00 AM on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. For patients with work and school schedules that run later into the day, we accommodate them by remaining open until 8:00 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And, we even offer dental appointments on Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 1:30 PM. (Scroll to the bottom of any page for the most up to date hours).

  • Where is CCFD located?

    Wouldn’t it be great to find a dentist near West Chester Pike? CCFD is conveniently located in West Chester PA in close proximity to the West Chester Golf & Country Club and West Goshen Shopping Center.

  • Can I Get My Teeth Whitened at CCFD?

    In addition to whitening and brightening your smile with the White Done RightTM system and laser EpicX teeth whitening, you can take advantage of additional cosmetic dentistry options. We offer veneers and dental implants, along with additional ways to perfect your smile.

  • Safety was Mentioned as a CCFD Priority. What Kind of Safety Dental Measures are Taken?

    In addition to making sure every dental tool and device is sterile and every surface area clean, CCFD is known for our practice of mercury-free dentistry. We take ultimate precautions to ensure that amalgam fillings containing mercury are removed safely. When new fillings are required, we use safe and natural-looking composite fillings.

  • What if I Need a Tooth Extraction or Root Canal?

    Although we do our best to empower our patients with best dental practices and preventative strategies, we’re also there for you when more serious dental procedures are required. We will help you through the entire process from pre-procedure preparations to post-surgery recovery.

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How Does CCFD Rate With Existing Patients?

If you conduct a Google search to discover how Chester County Family Dentistry rates among patients, you’ll likely be pleased with the number of yellow stars you see! You will also note that nearly 75 people and counting have taken the time to share their positive experiences with us.

If you’re ready to make CCFD your dental home, begin by scheduling an appointment now. Or, give us a call any time with questions or to set up a tour.

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