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Best Teeth Whitening Near Me

Best Teeth Whitening Near Me

For The Best Teeth Whitening Near Me, I Choose CCFD!

When you search for the “best teeth whitening near me,” what do you hope to find? An affordable option? A safe, comfortable environment? A convenient location that offers effective treatment options? It’s likely that all of these considerations are important to patients in search of the best teeth whitening dentist.

At Chester County Family Dentistry, Dr. David Montgomery and Dr. Ryan Dunn provide dental services that draw on innovative technologies, which includes their approach to teeth whitening. When it comes to brightening and whitening your smile, CCFD is a trustworthy and reliable choice!

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What Is Considered the Best Teeth Whitening Method?

There are a number of ways in which people attempt to whiten their teeth. Baking soda, citrus fruit, and charcoal are just a few examples of the home remedies that people might use to improve stains on their teeth. But how effective are these methods? For many, natural teeth whitening measures simply don’t achieve the desired outcome. In fact, some of these methods have harmful effects on the teeth.

Even the best teeth whitening kits available over-the-counter often don’t fulfill the promise of a brighter, whiter smile. If natural teeth whitening and OTC teeth whitening products don’t produce the result you were hoping for, it may be time to visit a professional.

At CCFD, our dentists stay informed and practiced in the latest approaches in teeth whitening.

Many of our CCFD dental patients want to know about the top teeth whitening method on the market. Perhaps you’ve heard of Zoom Teeth Whitening or GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening systems. While both of these options are professional-grade teeth whitening options, Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Dunn prefer Opalescence™ tooth whitening systems.

The reason why Opalescence whitening gel is so powerful is that the oxygen molecules from the gel’s ingredients go to work on both the extrinsic and intrinsic stains on the teeth. The result is dramatically brighter teeth.

Additional benefits of Opalescence include:

  • Take-Home Trays

    For patients who prefer to whiten their teeth from home, custom-made trays can be taken home for a 30-minute whitening session.

  • Radiant Results

    While helping to eliminate stains and discoloration, Opalescence teeth whitening can offer lasting results when combined with lifestyle changes. Patients who limit foods and drinks that stain the teeth (coffee, tea, red wine), will enjoy brighter teeth for longer. Abstaining from smoking will also increase the longevity of teeth-whitening results.

  • Minimal Side Effects

    Many people wonder whether the Opalescence teeth whitening system is the best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. The answer varies from person to person. Since sensitive teeth can be a side effect of virtually any professional teeth whitening system for patients with sensitive teeth, Dr. Montgomery or Dr. Dunn may suggest an alternative option if you’ve had problems in the past. However, Opalescence is completely safe and effective!

Another teeth whitening service we provide at CCFD is LASER whitening. A proprietary gel is placed on teeth, followed by the application of EpicX to gently eliminate tooth discoloration. The process requires two to three applications for 20 minutes each.

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How Do I Make an Appointment?

If your search for the best teeth whitening near me has led you to CCFD, we couldn’t be more pleased! The best way to find out what type of teeth whitening process is best for you is to schedule a consultation.

CCFD also offers a number of additional dental services, which include:

  • Family Dentistry (cleanings, check-ups, and more)
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (dental implants, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, etc.)
  • Mercury-Free Dentistry
To schedule an appointment for a teeth whitening consultation, you can call one of our friendly, professional CCFD team members today.
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