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Seeking Comprehensive Dentistry Near 19382

When going to a dentist, we don’t always know what we should expect.

We often just trust that whatever the dental hygienist and the dental doctor end up doing is exactly what should be done.

But are we sure that we are receiving the most comprehensive dentistry near 19382?

What does a comprehensive dental visit look like? And is our dentist spending enough time with us to make sure that all of our issues are being addressed? Here are some helpful questions to be thinking about during your next dental visit:

  1. Has my dentist given me a chance to ask questions about my care or anything else that might be affecting my oral health?
  2. Does my dentist have my full medical history to reference for my care?
  3. Have I discussed any other medical issues that I experience that might relate to my oral health?
  4. Is my dentist checking out each area of my mouth, including my gums, tongue, cheeks, roof of the mouth, and teeth?
  5. Am I being included in the discussion of a treatment plan for whatever dental issue my dentist might find?
  6. Does my dentist welcome feedback about my experiences with the dentistry near 19382?
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Supportive Dentistry Near 19382

A good dentist should make you feel comfortable enough to ask questions. If you are not encouraged to be inquisitive or your dentist is offended by your concerns, it is definitely time to find a different office of dentistry near West Chester that supports an involved approach to your dental care.

Chester County Family Dentistry makes it a priority to develop good relationships with our patients. And we recognize that in order for that to happen, patients need to be able to ask questions. To get a feel for how we do that, feel free to visit our website. And please give us a call at 610-486-3646 if you’d like set up an appointment for yourself or a family member today.

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